Calypso, Jack Wolfson's prized Afghan Hound

Jack Wolfson addresses the Texas Vet Board at the October 2007 meeting

Jack Wolfson, a Grand Prairie resident, has had the unfortunate experience of the Texas Vet Board dismissing THREE different malpractice complaints over the years. Jack traveled to Austin and addressed the Board again in October 2007, along with Greg & Cindy Munson, Julie Catalano, and Betty Garrity, other Texas pet guardians who have had their malpractice complaints dismissed. The following below the pictures is the text of Jack's speech to the Board:

Jack Wolfson being interviewed by Tracy Rowlett (seen in 3rd photo), veteran news anchor for Dallas / Ft. Worth television station KTVT CBS-11 in March 2007 for a story on Bad Vets in Texas.


Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
333 Guadalupe St.
Austin, TX

There are excellent veterinarians in Texas. I have personally had 4 great veterinarians treat my dogs since 1971. There are O.K. veterinarians in Texas. These latter caring individuals at least are honest and have good treatment for our animals. I would say that approximately 10% of Texas veterinarians are extraordinary, 85% are average but are dedicated.

That leaves 5% who are KILLERS of our most precious beings, our critters. 95% of them are dishonest. Example includes Joel Nelson of Grand Prairie, Gary Thayer of Southlake, and Kathryn Wells of Dallas.

Recently O.J. Simpson was finally judged to be a liar, thief and a killer. But his 1st jury in 1995 found him innocent.

Tamarah in 1997 died from pneumonia that was not diagnosed until he got to A & M Veterinary College. Thayer said he had cancer. The autopsy showed NO cancer. The professor said he had had the worst case of pneumonia for 3 weeks and could have been easily saved with the proper antibiotic!

Yet the board said Thayer did nothing wrong!!

In 2001 Sable died from Cushing’s Syndrome and had 4 times the amount of cortisol in her body, yet even though Joel Nelson did not send the ACTH test off till one day after she had died and had her as a patient for over 1 year, yet the board said Nelson did nothing wrong!

In 2001 Calypso died from a punctured lung and consequent lung collapse. She was in for removal of a quarter size growth of one liver lobe. Her X-Rays of her chest the day before surgery were normal. Yet, when she screamed for 2 days Kathryn Wells said she was going to die anyway & refused to do an autopsy! Wells card said “referral Clinic” for “neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and soft tissue surgeon”, She flunked the board surgery test TWICE!

If you the board members would NOW bring these vets up for a hearing with me able to ask questions you will get to the truth. What do you have to lose other than your reputation as a public watcher of the interest of the pets and citizens of Texas?

I plan to change the Laws of Texas to include “INTRINSIC VALUE” instead of Market Value.

When I succeed and animals have the same value as humans then attorneys will be able to make $$ and will defend the helpless pets that are being killed by BAD Veterinarians.

You need to let reputable members truly judge where the BAD Vets need to be ousted from the system so no more pets will suffer.

The 4th most important benefactor will be the attorneys.

The 3rd most important benefactor will be the pet owners such as me.

The 2nd most important benefactor will be the pets.

The 1st most important benefactor will be the GOOD VETRINARIANS.

They will no longer have to worry about the BAD Veterinarians that bring all of us here today.

If “Tamarah”, Sable”, and “Calypso” had 2 legs instead of four, my attorney Phillip Gregory said I would be able to collect over $100,000 per human and have Malpractice against the MD’S.!
Jack M. Wolfson
Grand Prairie, Texas

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